Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prodding the Prodigies and Learning to Live Scream-Free: Relevant News Flash (8:6)

News of the pint size variety:
  • Where's the fun in that? The popularity and competitiveness of traveling youth sports teams has been growing year after year, and they are reaching for the younger and younger phenoms in the wings. Can you imagine your t-ball preschooler traveling to compete? Are you dooming their big league career at the tender age of three?
  • How much can you know about the blues at the age of 8? Enough to make the grown-ups view you as serious competition in the case of young blues guitarist prodigy, Tallan "T-Man" Latz.
  • What exactly should my kid know and when? Opinions and standards vary frustratingly. The education beat reporter for the AP got a rude awakening herself when she relocated to London, and was informed that her daughter was not prepared adequately.
  • While U.S. schools grapple with meeting shifting standards, one unique school is working innovatively to make sure that no immigrant child is left behind. The story of young Bill Clinton Hadam continues.
  • Tantrum or credible threat? A four year old had a meltdown at nap time in his Colorado daycare, and proclaimed that he was "going to shoot all (his) friends." He was subsequently barred from the daycare. Overreaction? In a time with more than our fair share of violent behavior in our youth, how do we discern the line between emotional outburst and imminent intent?
  • Growing violence and disconnectedness are indeed cause for parental anxiety. A few youths have responded to family criticism and discipline with deadly consequences.
  • And, as if that weren't enough stomach churning for one news post, consider the danger of brain eating amoebas in some of our lakes that have already claimed some young lives this summer. Yes, you read that correctly, and no it is not the name of the new horror flick opening at the multiplex.
  • Our kids are psycho, our economy is loopy, but apparently a news report says that despite our woes, we still make time to "eat drink and be merry." In fact, the fortunes of the so-called "sin stocks" are on the upswing. Not surprising that with the news of the day we reach for a nice micro brew and a delicious piece of chocolate.
  • Never fear, however, there is the possibility of "scream free parenting," which advertises a "window to a calmer world."

Chin up parents, the news has to get a little better. We hope!

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