Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Post Baby Body Can Be Golden: Relevant New Flash (8:3)

  • Luggage? Check? Boarding passes? Check. All five of your children? The flight attendant wishes to inform you, that you've left your three year old behind at the airport. The youngster who got separated from her family while they rushed to make a flight, later flew with an airline staffer to reunite with her family. Those parents will never live that down. Just another day in airline travel.
  • You shall no longer be able to hide behind that tired post baby body excuse. Olympic athlete moms say that they perform even better after having given birth.
  • Working in close proximity to a major movie plex, I always used to dread the opening of the latest slasher horror flick, because I would be surrounded by droves of tweens on the prowl. I always wondered how all those far below the rating age were getting in, and then I went to see one and saw Mom and Dad buy the tickets, distribute to the squealing pre-teens, and head next door to the Mexican eatery for a round of margaritas with the other parents. So it isn't surprising that a significant amount of pre-teens regularly view R-rated material. But, what impact does it have upon them?
  • If you choose to have hospital birth in the West, be thankful for conditions that don't follow those in Turkey presently, where 49 babies died in July, and 27 alone in one hospital in the last two weeks due to dangerously low nursing staff levels.
  • Initially when read with a western eye, a report that efforts are being made to set minimum legal marriage ages, to eliminate the possibility of a one year old child being married off by their families in Saudi Arabia, and that there is resistance to the idea, seems unfathomable. But this issue is not at all clear cut, in view of cultural reasons that such unions are arranged.
  • It's great that e-waste recycling efforts are steadily increasing, but where does it go from there? Presently, there is a good chance that it may land in Africa, where it is broken down for scrap. But, the process is highly polluting, and children as young as five have been found among the workforce. So when you think about upgrading that snazzy device, be aware of what the recycling policies of the seller are, if any. Another opportunity for an informed consumer to make a difference.
  • Speaking of recycling, when times get tough the tough get scavenging. Due to the high demand for metals, increasingly people are making ends meet by recycling what may be sitting around their garages.
  • And, on the front of reducing waste, you don't have to be overwhelmed, just start with lunch. A campaign to promote waste free lunches is just in time for back to school.
  • As recent reports of a dns vulnerability makes some tech folks utter some colorful expletives, a handy article from the AP for the everyday consumer delves into how to authenticate the websites you are doing business with to help protect yourself.
  • The lament of the death of the printed book has been written about for a long, long time, but is the new Amazon Kindle the device that will finally lower the proverbial boom? What impact will that have on the culture and our kids?

Feeling guilty about that Olympic mama story tonight, as I down my milk and cookies. Mmmm. I'll take the bronze, if need be.

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