Friday, August 8, 2008

Placental Fruit and Grandma, Can We Ride On The Roof Again?: Relevant News Flash (8:5)

Good afternoon news lovers! A few stories to pass along:
  • I thought they were, well nice, in Canada? A U.K. family of a disabled girl however recount how their dreams of relocating to the land of the nice, north of the border, turned decidedly nasty, when they were denied entry at the airport because their daughter is disabled. This story will take your breath away.
  • Now that you have your breath back, prepare to start huffing in indignation. I've posted many parental travel horror stories this summer, and now here is the viewpoint of a man who feels severely put upon to suffer an upset child on a flight, and suggests that parents really don't need to travel. Keep reading the comments on the piece and you just might start to hyperventilate, so keep a paper bag handy.
  • Doesn't it seem odd sometimes that we spend millions studying things that are just really common sense? For example, a recent study confirms that children that suffer severe stress early in life, suffer the effects for a lifetime, and can develop personality issues as a result.
  • My mom let me sit in her lap as a child and "steer" the car when I was barely a preschooler. My how things have changed, but someone needed to educate a grandma recently that was arrested for letting the kids ride, albeit really slowly, on the roof of the car.
  • Learn some interesting statistics about adoption, and specifically who is doing it, and you might be surprised. And, the Olympics is an especially exciting and important event for families of children adopted from China.
  • Homeschoolers declare victory as the court overturns the previous ruling that would have required homeschool parents to have a teaching certification.
  • How effective, and how accurate, is McCain's recent ad regarding Obama's economic policy's effect on families? AdWatch breaks it down in analysis.
  • A recent opinion piece bemoans the rise of the "Nanny State," particularly in the western states. But the question to consider pertinent to parents is not covered in the piece. In light of how mismanaged the recalls of children's products have been handled, and indeed even the allowance of toxic substances in our children's products in the first place when other countries in the world set up standards nine years ago, how else are parents and state and local governments to protect when the profit motive lacks a conscience and the federal arm lacks the means and will to do it?
  • The good and bad of technology on display. Take a look into the future, not far away, and the technology that will make Gumby proud. And, the warning at the end of a recent USA Today article on the skimming devices being used by crooks to capture consumer information at the gas pumps is depressing in it's assertion that it's not a matter of if, but when.
  • Let's close with that lovably zany Matthew McConaughey, who is really a gung-ho 21st century papa, proudly "getting native" with his laboring girlfriend, and now talking about his plans to bury the placenta in an orchard to celebrate his beautiful son. Not quite sure about the bit about taking him to a John Mellencamp concert though. Got tiny protective earphones? It's nice to see an unabashedly enthusiastic papa, and if he occasionally plays the bongos naked as a baby, well more power to him.

Remember to pull down the shades.

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