Friday, August 29, 2008

Natural Surgery and SQUEEZE!: Relevant Pregnancy News

On the pregnancy and women's health front:
  • Have you heard of the natural cesarean? This approach to the surgical procedure coming from the U.K. promises to give the birthing couple as natural an experience as possible, including a slower "delivery" of the baby to allow uterine contractions to clear the lungs, and bonding immediately following birth.
  • Those who have delivered non-surgically will utter one word to you: kegels. A new study finds that with consistent practice, initially the results are much better than those who have not heeded the advice; but, after years pass, without continued practice you're in the same boat as your non-kegeling counterparts. So, the moral is, add it to your circuit training sister. In fact, do it now! Are you doing it? Very good!

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