Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Desperately Seeking Swedish Sperm and The Pill Made Me Do It!: For The Ladies News Flash

Ladies, can we talk about us for a moment? Several articles pertinent to the mamas emerged this past week. Let's review:
  • The birth control pill may have liberated our sex lives, but apparently it also skewed our biological systems to pick the wrong men, genetically speaking that is. A startling report suggests that the pill may drive women to select men that are genetically similar, and therefore can exacerbate inherent biological issues in the couple. This may be a significant contributing factor to the rising rates of disease, disorders and infertility since the late 60s. Furthermore, it may also be a contributing factor to marital discord, particularly in the child rearing years, as rates of birth control use lowers, and the natural biological "senses" return to influence your attraction to your spouse.
  • Have your heart set on procuring some nice European or Scandinavian sperm? Get in line, and the supply is dwindling fast! The U.S. enacted restrictions on sperms donors from Europe and Scandinavia due to fears of spreading mad cow disease into our gene pool. Those who have had previous children by these donors are being forced to either travel overseas for insemination, or choose the donor behind door number 2.
  • Vitrification, or flash freezing of embryos, is a new and groundbreaking fertility treatment innovation which is yielding promising results in the U.K. The first children resulting from this approach are being born with no apparent adverse issues. The storage method better preserves the precious embryos, and allows for more success with only single embryo implantation.
  • Why do we have a growing childhood obesity epidemic? Start ticking off the reasons on your fingers, and now add, if mom is carrying too much excess weight before and during pregnancy. This may genetically predispose the offspring to have continuing weight challenges throughout their lives. One more thing to add to your maternal guilt list, but the point about greater attention and commitment to preconception and pregnancy health is well taken.
  • You are truly blessed if you escaped motherhood without the vexom hemorrhoid issue. But if you are one of the legion with this legacy of motherhood (you can raise your hand, presumably you are in private) there are some excellent and natural ways to address the problem and get some relief sister.
  • A tragic toddler drowning incident which may have stemmed from a mother's post partum depression is an aching reminder that mothers need to watch out for one another and for the signs of this condition. Never get complacent about your young child in a tub!
  • Bucking the trend to legislate and litigate against questionable parental naming judgement, Sweden says go ahead and name your child "Metallica" if you wish, but just stay away from "God, Allah or Devil."

I sense that there may well be some little "Abbas" born in the months to come.

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