Saturday, August 2, 2008

Carrion of Cyberspace

This news bit warranted it's own little post. Although it isn't just restricted to kids, parents should definitely be aware of the odious phenomenon of Internet "trolls." Having inhabited cyberspace from the get go, I have encountered, and been the intended victim on a few occasions, of these individuals who feel it is their right and duty to try and disrupt your sanity. Trouble is sometimes they succeed, and with devastating results. Consider them "emotional hackers" if you will. While, as an adult I have weathered these attacks more or less sane, some do not, and particularly kids have a really hard time navigating the over the top nastiness of these cyberbullies, and in extreme cases have taken their own lives. This article delves into a world that every parent should be aware of, and should not underestimate its potential impact on your kids.

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