Saturday, August 16, 2008

Booger Books Beguile Boys: Relevant Book News Flash

Book news:

  • Hollywood and the book industry have always had somewhat of a love hate relationship. The book industry is coming to learn however that this relationship must be accepted, and perhaps not begrudgingly, but enthusiastically as a way to reach the wider audience and profits it needs to stay alive. Children's publishers are getting more savvy to this relationship, not only hoping for a lift to existing book lines, but as a key aspect of their development and marketing plans. One worrisome aspect with this "end in mind" approach to publishing and movie making, however, is the loss of quality, and certainly originality in the process, which in the long view seems to be essential to the survival of both.
  • Speaking of a certain degree of originality, publishers are striving for, and finding, ever deeper levels of "grossness" to sink to in an effort to get and keep the attention of boy readers, a notoriously tricky demographic. Undoubtedly gross sells, but is gross just a phase we just have to endure to get our young boys to read? Something tells me that this strategy caters to those who would be the TV executives that bring us the "Fear Factors" of the world.
  • I'm not really sure that this is the demographic that McCain really needs in the upcoming election, but McCain's 23 year old daughter, Meghan, feels that America's kids should know the story of her dad, and is set to release the book "My Dad, John McCain."
  • Many aspire to write, but write badly? A long standing Bulwer-Lytton contest recognizes excellence in stinky writing. Perhaps we could enter some of the aforementioned "gross factor" children's books?

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