Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Are You Part of the Problem, Or the Solution?

One of the reasons I am personally passionate about staying informed, especially as a parent, stems from a feeling of personal responsibility to gain perspective as much as possible, to widen my understanding and challenge my preconceptions. I feel this responsibility particularly keenly as a parent because I believe that the job of parenthood is to raise your children to be who they were intended to be, and prepare them to carry on the story of humanity. And to my way of thinking, that requires perspective.

The Middle East is one area that people, if they know much at all, tend to willfully resist perspective. Perhaps it is easier for most to have a clearly defined source of "evil." But with perspective, one finds that things are rarely so clear cut. A wonderful project is drawing to a close, spearheaded by Queen Rania of Jordan. Over the past several months, she has been attempting to bring dialogue to challenge and enrich what people know of the Middle East, through interactive videos and blog posts on YouTube. I encourage you to visit and start a dialogue of your own, to benefit your children now and to come!

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