Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Alright, I Admit It, She Has Her Un-Vapid Moments

I for one can't seem to shake a certain sense of chagrined unease as I bring you the news that Paris Hilton has scored a begrudging point in my moxy book. It's actually hard to wrench the words from my keyboard, such is my usual disdain for all things Hilty. But as McCain drew her into this arena, I guess I'll have to acknowledge that she is legitimate news. Now, remember, she didn't come up with the spot, nor write it, she just showed up as her Hilty self and delivered. And she did deliver. When I watched her recent spoof campaign rebuttal ad on, I thought, "she's reading rather well from those cue cards," but apparently I was wrong. The AP reports that she delivered her energy policy analysis script from memory. Maybe there might be a br...nah, that's going a bit to far, and I have to pace myself.

John McCain is trying desperately to use the spot to his advantage. By saying that Paris has a better grasp on energy policy than Barack Obama, he is simultaneously attempting to get back in the good graces of the parental Hiltons, who are contributors and were rather unamused by McCain's use of their daughter in his attack ad recently, and scoring a hit against his opponent's somewhat shifting position on the issue. One thing seems to resonate amongst commentators on this development, a begrudging "atta-girl" from hard and soft politics and news junkies alike, and an "uh-oh, you're in for it now" assessment of McCain's position coming out of this.

Round 2 to Hilty, McCain is bloodied on the ropes, and Obama is... in the locker room.

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