Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Summer of My Discontent: Relevant News Flash (7:10)

July has come to an end, painfully. In one week, my son smashed my glasses, and my husband uttered the words I shudder to hear: "Honey, I need to go to the dentist." He never gets out of the dental chair on the cheap! In all this, I have decided one thing, my son WILL follow in the footsteps of his great-grandfather (for whom he is named) and his great-uncle, and become a dentist. Seriously! Although I am thankful for better than average dental insurance, it still is a major ouch and potential game changer for choices that we have made. Why isn't dental insurance, lack thereof, and insufficient coverage trumpeted on the front pages? Especially since it can lead to so many health problems.

Meanwhile, in the news:
  • The evidence of more need for adequate health and dental coverage is very pressing when the extent to which companies market harmful foods to kids was revealed recently. On the one hand studies are bemoaning the harmful diets of our kids (and adults), but our economic engine driving companies are working harder to snare them younger and younger. No wonder progress is at a wash.
  • Ever wonder what those little stickers on your fruit mean? A lot, actually. Here is a handy rundown to help you crack the numerical code.
  • More bashing of cell phones coming right up. A recent study has found a link between behavioral problems in children and cell phone use. Even considering the much talked about physical health risks all over the news, other causal factors, such as the parental behavior of heavy cell phone users is cited as contributing factors to the behavior issues.
  • This one has been bugging me, a lot. I have lots of questions for both candidates, and problems with their respective policies, but a silly detail like McCain is still working on "learning the email," just well, irritates me. I have had a lot of respect for McCain in the past, but it is becoming increasingly more eroded, every time I see that annoying robotic arm chop thing he does when he wants to make a point (doesn't he have a proper rotator cuff?) , or the smirky bad jokes, and I do mean bad, or the increasingly, well, desperate attack ads that keep emerging. (Did you have to go "Britney" on him? Seriously? You couldn't legitimately get him on anything else?) But, his not really even all that chagrined admission that he's not the techiest of guys, or really at all, just pours more salt in the wound of my festering disenchantment with my choices this cycle. He's trying to ameliorate the damage by discussing how he is trying to get more techie. And although his "old style statesman" credentials has some appeal, and I cringe to judge a candidate by the shallow metrics that seem to have overtaken our media and culture, I fear that he is just too old school for the new frontier that we are in.

Now I'm off to take my Tums and brush my teeth!

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