Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Relevant Quickies: The Incredible Shrinking Female Workforce, and Don't Mess With the Amish!

If you only have a minute before the next meltdown, here are some quick items of note:

  1. Policymakers seem to neglect "working families" that don't fit their specs. The Family and Home Network is conducting a "Campaign for Inclusive Family Policies" to make sure that those households that don't necessarily have two earners in the workforce aren't excluded from favorable family centered policies and programs.
  2. They thought that women were dropping out of the workforce in greater numbers because of a "mommyhood movement," but apparently that's not the case. It's the economy.
  3. We have a little baby "boomlet" going on. My little guy is one of 4,315,000 births in 2007!
  4. Premature babies are apparently more shy, and uh-oh, leave the house later in life. Better develop an exit strategy!
  5. Some infants should be on low fat milk according to new guidelines from the AAP.
  6. Americans, we love to outsource! Now those who want the benefits of the locavore lifestyle, but don't want to mess up a great manicure, are hiring people to work their little patch of home garden.
  7. You know you've crossed a line, when the Amish begin to protest. Here's how you do it: threaten to shut down their local midwife.
  8. Got milk? Check the dumpster! Explore the world of some U.K. "freegans."
  9. Think outside the box for your next career. Perhaps there is an unanswered niche for your time and talent.
  10. Mommybloggers make money? Sign me up!
And for you armchair science nerds, and you know who you are:
  1. Scientists: we don't have nearly enough of them.
  2. Enjoy a good puzzle? Don't let a little thing like lack of a science degree stop you from solving some of the world's most pressing conundrums. Join in the "open source science" phenomenon.
  3. Astrobiologists are trying to make sure we recognize alien life when we find it, and we may not be the center of the universe, but we are certainly rare astronomers are finding.

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