Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Relevant News Flash (7:1)

I'm feeling green today:
  • The Wall Street Journal ran an interesting op-ed about global warming, or rather what the writer, Brett Stephens, suggests is a case of "global neurosis."
  • And from the other end of the spectrum, an article in The San Francisco Chronicle, by John King, offers how global warming is forcing the Bay Area to rethink urban planning and natural renewal.
  • News Flash! Global warming has led to innovation allowing trash to be marketed, and made trendy! An innovative company, Terracycle, seems to know their niche, as well as how to crack the mainstream marketplace. You can even sign up to send them your name brand trash.
  • The World Health Organisation and the Food and Agriculture Organisation, convened as a joint body, know as the Codex Alimentarius, and set guidelines to reduce contamination of powdered baby formula, as well as standards to protect people with wheat allergies. 124 countries participate in the body that sets standards for foods to be traded internationally.
  • Bad news from the Environmental Working Group regarding bisphenol A in the packaging of baby formula.

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