Sunday, July 27, 2008

Finding the Right Fit in Bras and Politicians: Relevant News Flash (7:9)

To wrap up last week, odds and ends in no particular order:
  • There is a distinct gender birth imbalance (mostly girls born) in the Artic regions that is being attributed to PCBs that seem to gravitate to the Artic circle from the developed world, and is seen in alarmingly high levels in the blood of indigenous mothers. Don't know what this means for my burb, where it seems everywhere I turn is boys, boys, boys!
  • Breastfed babies seem to be more receptive to different tastes it has been found, because what a nursing mother eats does affect the taste of her breast milk to a degree. Formula fed infants can also be prepared for the wider world of taste by changing up the formulas used, the report claims.
  • A recent report in a fertility journal has found that there is just as successful an outcome result for the implantation of a single embryo, as for multiple embryos, which may help couples in their decisions regarding how many embryos to implant, particularly if they are not keen to have a multiple pregnancy.
  • Many have been there, and the urge to shake a howling infant can be overwhelming, but a momentary loss of control can have catastrophic results, and programs are focusing on education and resources for parents to avoid horrific and tragic outcomes.
  • Also, summer time also seems to bring stories of children that have been inexplicably forgotten in the car, later to perish in the heat. Recently two deaths in the U.K., and another in northern Virginia highlighted the common denominator: went to work, check, dropped the child at daycare? Nope. Also, the accounts, as I have read in the past, seem to feature middle to upper class individuals, who also presumably love their kids. So, how does this happen? How can you forget you kid is sleeping in the car? Hectic lives and stressful jobs are all cited and a few helpful and doable tips can prevent such a tragedy.
  • ADHD diagnosis in children after the age of 12 is increasing. The question is why aren't the behaviors in these kids spotted sooner, or is there an issue of over, or perhaps mis-diagnosis occurring?
  • In light of recent warnings about cell phone use, the debate is growing about how much cell phone use our children should be allowed to have.
  • Overseas miscellany. The U.K. is proposing that each and every doctor in it's medical system must undergo competency testing annually. How many of our doctors in the U.S. would survive such a regimen? No Doctor Left Behind? And, Sweden, long known for it's state controlled everything is experimenting, to apparent good effect, with private company administration of some of it's schools, which may have implications for those that argue for school choice and vouchers in the U.S.
  • The New York Times has just kicked off a series examining the implications for literacy and it's acquisition and application in the digital age. Interesting reading for the book geeks among us, or those that despair of getting their kids to read an actual book.
  • Speaking of books, this book may be the next big thing, so be sure to snap it up when it appears in massive stacks at your local Costco to keep pace with the cultural zeitgeist. I'm not sure about the gargoyle thing, but being familiar with the industry commentators in this article, it seems like it is being groomed for certain stardom.
  • For the ladies. Apparently we all need to invest in a personal bra assistant (hmmm entrepreneurial niche?) because we all can't seem to get a bra that fits properly, and we aren't helping the girls out one little bit. And, it's getting late, but this one still makes me blush a little, but as a mom who made way for my nearly ten pounder the old fashioned way, I'll just file this one under "future fixer-upper?"
  • And after that, it seems somehow appropriate to transition into politics. For the record, I'm undecided, and I don't want to hear about it, thank you! I can make up my own mind. But, a couple of interesting tidbits to pass along. John McCain gets a less than spectacular report card on women's issues. And, as the Internet buzzes about yet another unguarded Bush moment caught on tape, describing Wall Street as coming off something of a bender, the little reported unscripted chit chat between a visiting Obama and a government representative in Britain, might give us a little insight to his personality in the oval office. Should be obvious note to politicians: they are always watching and listening, especially when you tell them to turn off the camera/recorder.
  • And let's cap it off with a sweet story about Prince William, and his break with one of those famous British traditions they are so fond of, to make a tribute to his famous mum, or why I'm considering trying out that whole "cougar" deal. After all, he's 27. Wait, he's 27!?!? When did he hit the back stretch of his twenties? Oh dear.

Have a great week!

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