Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Think Deeper, Take Action

One of things that struck me when I became a parent was just how much I did not know! And the next thing that struck me was how much I ignored, either innocently or willfully. Consumers cry fowl when an overt risk makes national headlines, such as a tainted tomato or spinach, but some things take years of concerned citizen pressure to finally bubble up to the mainstream, such as BPA in baby bottles, and toxic vaccine ingredients and a whole host of other environmental threats that we have had a hand in creating or perpetuating.

Knowing can be hard, but one need not be paralyzed by fear. Small steps and informed action can make all the difference for your child and those of strangers. There are so many resources with actionable recommendations. One of my favorites is HealthyChildHealthyWorld.org


The challenge of parenthood is that we must take our hands away from our faces and really look; merely peeking around your fingers will not serve your child or the world that they will inherit from us.

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