Thursday, June 26, 2008

Relevant News Flash (6:2)

A few stories of note... serious, silly and just curious:
  • The Supreme court rendered a ruling that does not support the application of the death penalty in the cases of child rape. Coverage from The New York Times and The Washington Post.
  • It adds a bit of a twist to the challenging "tween" years when your daughter is a bonafide goddess. The Christian Science Monitor goes "In search of Nepal's living goddesses."
  • Bet you didn't know that there is an actual competition for Rock Paper Scissors, and you could earn $50,000 to boot? You can safely tell your children they can indeed be anything they want to be, even a Rock Paper Scissors champ. Read about the International Rock Paper Scissors Federation Championships.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports that "new mothers' average time off work has already taken a nose dive since the early 1980s, the Census Bureau says; only 42% of working mothers took more than three months as of 2002, the latest data available, down from 54%." America, we have a problem!
  • Along with this, Joan Borysenko on the Huffington Post, writes about "Busting the Balance Myth." It's not so much about maintaining balance, she contends, as it is about maintaining a center.
  • Speaking of centers and balance, newsflash!, don't go to extremes with your teen and dating, they won't talk to you or follow your lead writes Sue Shellenbarger of the Wall Street Journal . Plus, how you approach it reveals what your love life is like.
  • Airline traveling nightmares for parents are all too common these days, and recently a mother and child, who is autistic, were taken off a flight. The airline contends the mother was refusing to follow a regulation about storing her bag in the overhead compartment, and the mother contends that a bad situation with a special needs child went horribly awry as a direct result of the flight crews treatment of she and her child. Airline travel is stressful enough for adults of reasonably flexible demeanor, but the little ones, especially the special needs kids, get the brunt of what is becoming an increasingly untenable mode of travel.
  • Do you know the "20 Internet acronyms all parents should know?"
  • It's simply amazing what our little ones soak up! A young child recently summoned emergency response for her ill mother by using a 911 song that her mother taught her. And, it wasn't the first time!

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