Sunday, June 15, 2008

Farewell to a "Stand-Up" Guy.

Tim Russert, much esteemed moderator of NBC's Meet The Press, and Washington D.C. bureau chief, passed away suddenly and tragically the other day. I am among millions that mourn his passing. I mourn it as a person of passionate politics, who knew a kindred spirit in his familiar face filled with exhilaration and joy when dissecting the happenings in America's dynamic and mercurial political landscape. But I also mourn it as the mother to an American child, and specifically an American son. Russert was the kind of guy I hoped to be able use as a parental reference for the qualities of fairness, integrity, applied passion and just pure zeal for the possibilities of people, places, and yes, even politicians. It is perhaps not surprising to hear his attending physician explain that Russert apparently had an enlarged heart. His family, friends, colleagues, and his audience, me among them, knew that to be both the exultant and tragic truth. You will be missed Mr. Russert.

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