Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Introducing Dashboard Relevant News Flash (6:1)

Today I launch a feature that gives a quick digest version of interesting and relevant articles that I have recently come across to keep you up to speed. Feel free to dazzle your friends at your next play date, or you could fall back on your old faithful, "So how about that Brad and Angie...care to lay your bets on how many kids they end up with? Loser hosts playgroup indefinitely!"

Enjoy mommy newshounds:
  • My niece recently returned home from summer camp, and my mother-in-law commented that camp food is "still terrible." For a discussion of this, read the New York Times article: "School Is Out, and Nutrition Takes a Hike"
  • No matter how you stand on the debate about reality television (I also have my guilty favorites), the new NBC show the "Baby Borrowers" just seems to have something disturbing about it. Articles in the Contra Costa Times addresses the show's relevance and impact from the perspective of actual teen mothers, and a mother who allowed her child to be borrowed.
  • Not overtly a parenting tie in, but I still think this article presents some really relevant questions about the kind of culture we are raising our kids in. I would have thought that Mister Rodgers would have been more successful in encouraging us to know our neighbors, but as the New York Times Magazine article, "Won’t You Be My Neighbor?" recounts, the friendly neighbor has been in retreat since the 50s with some significant implications for us and our kids.

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